White Chocolate Sorbet

IMG_8790I love going through old notebooks and finding random letters, recipes or notes I’ve jotted down from God knows when, where or even why. I love to write, sometimes I jot stuff down on a bar napkin and stuff it in the pocket of my jeans. The sad thing is I wonder how many brilliant ideas have been destroyed by the washing machine. Who knows? I could have been a millionaire many times over by now had I not washed one of my genius ideas. Welcome to my life.


Here’s a White Chocolate Sorbet recipe that didn’t get washed. Not going to make me millions but I bet if that Rachel Ray chick made White Chocolate Sorbet you’d go ape shit and pay tons for it. Honestly though, I’m better looking and in better shape than her so apparently having millions isn’t everything. Back to the White Chocolate Sorbet. I get sidetracked easily. Which reminds me I need to order from Crate & Barrel before my coupon expires.


I have seen chocolate sorbet a million times on menus and though I do absolutely love chocolate sorbet, the White Chocolate Sorbet is a nice change. The White Chocolate Sorbet is very elegant without coming across as arrogant. Arrogance is a big turn off for me. It has a beautiful satiny white finish and I love seeing the specks of vanilla bean. Also, the fact that it’s white chocolate opens a door to a number of flavors that would pair beautifully. It has such a sweet yet delicate flavor. I don’t know why there isn’t more things on the market white chocolate. Is there a white chocolate ice cream of any sort on the market? I don’t pay attention, I just be me and do what I do and let people email me nasty comments.


What would you pair with White Chocolate Sorbet???


White Chocolate Sorbet


1159g water
137g sugar
340g white chocolate, chopped
1 vanilla bean
30g white chocolate Godiva liqueur (optional)


-Bring the water, sugar and vanilla bean to a boil
-pour over the white chocolate, stir and make sure all the white chocolates dissolved
-add your liqueur
-let cool before spinning in ice cream machine


Things to remember. First, either buy a vanilla bean or don’t use vanilla at all. Do not use vanilla extract. It will give the sorbet an off taste and you probably won’t get such a beautiful white. Second, use a good quality chocolate. I used Lindt, I like Lindt chocolates though they don’t sponsor me in any way and if they don’t after this I probably won’t use them again. Third, if you don’t want to spend the money on the Godiva liqueur you don’t have too. I personally like it and believe it helps in the consistency and texture of the sorbet. This is a personal opinion and from what I’ve seen in my professional experience I believe it to be true. Some chefs will argue I’m wrong, but I’m allowed to have my opinion that’s what makes the world great. You too may do as you wish! Doesn’t freedom to be yourself feel great?  Lastly, you want to cool down the sorbet mix before spinning.  You certainly don’t want it hot but if it gets too cold the chocolate hardens up.  Cool it enough that it’s cool to the touch but no chocolate lumps.


Okay everybody….I hope you make the White Chocolate Sorbet and have a great week!! Even if you don’t make the sorbet…. I’m still glad you’re here and I love ya anyway!

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