Baklava Ice Cream

IMG_2401Welcome back!! To be quite honest, I didn’t think you would actually come back. I have very low self-esteem. The fact that you returned helped a lot. I thank you for that.
Remember last week we made the Walnut “not just pesto” Pesto? Well, if you didn’t devour all of it or turn the whole batch in to vinaigrette, I’m going to show you what I did to make dessert with it. It was hard having the Walnut Pesto in the fridge because I seriously wanted to make a huge batch of the vinaigrette. Man, that stuff was good. I made a couple different version of salads with that stuff too. I did a bleu cheese, chicken and chopped bacon salad. Like a Cobb type salad. Yum!! I love how a salad can be 3,200 calories but since it’s in a bowl and called salad you feel less guilty. Like taking a bunch unhealthy food and throwing it in a bowl with lettuce makes it better. You throw a hamburger patty on your salad and drowned it ranch dressing and wonder why you’re fat. I don’t understand, I eat salads all the time.

I hope you too created many different salad ideas and felt good about yourself. I know I’m sure proud of you!!

Let’s make dessert with the Walnut Pesto since dessert is my preference. Back on October 25, 2014 I made the Fried Biscuits with Honey Ice Cream. The Honey Ice Cream is a simple recipe to make and can be easily whipped up. Check out the post and make our Honey Ice Cream recipe. While that is spinning in the ice cream maker let’s make our Baklava filling for the ice cream.

Baklava Filling

30g chopped pistachios
30g chopped cashews
60g chopped almonds
125g walnut pesto
75g honey
1/2tsp apple pie spice
1/2tsp orange zest

-combine all and set aside

I personally used salted nuts for this recipe. I like the salty and sweet combo along with the orange zest. This mix is like the pesto on steroids. I do not condone steroid use, but if I had to choose I would date the Baklava mix over the pesto. That’s just a preference and should not sway your opinion whatsoever. Once your ice cream is finished drop your Baklava filling mixture into your ice cream and slowly fold in so that the filling is evenly dispersed throughout the ice cream. Place in a container and place back in the freezer until you’re ready to chow down.

Fillo Shards

130g butter, melted
45g sugar
6 sheets of fillo dough

-sprinkle with a spoon a little butter on your clean work surface (the kitchen counter)
-lay a piece of fillo down on the butter
-drizzle butter over the fillo dough and sprinkle with sugar
-keep your fillo dough covered with a towel while working so it doesn’t dry out
-do that again with 5 more sheets of fillo
-once you got your 6 sheets layered up, carefully peel them off the counter and lay on a parchment
lined sheet pan
-lay another piece of parchment on top of the fillo dough and place a sheet pan on top of that
-bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. Just until it gets a nice golden brown. Set aside to cool. Don’t peel off the parchment until it’s cool or you will pull the fillo sheets apart.

Don’t let fillo dough intimidate you. Yes, it can and will dry out if you don’t cover it while working or if you work in slow motion. Just be cautious and work quickly and you should have no problems.

When the fillo sheets are cool peel off the parchment and break apart the sheet. Scoop your honey ice cream into a bowl and stick the fillo shards all around. Use your imagination here. It could be a lot, it could be tall, it could be layered.

Go crazy and have fun. Life is short.

Enjoy your week everybody and see you next Saturday. I hope.



Running out of plates that I’m decorating my table.


More fillo sheets more crunch. I’m greedy.


You can see the layering on the fillo.


The fillo busted up after baking and cooling.


Great flavor and many textures going on here.


You know I love the close up shots.


Amazing dessert with little effort. How can you go wrong?


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