Fried Biscuits with Honey Ice Cream

IMG_7915When I was in Elementary School the Boy Scout’s tried to swoon me in.  They knew what they were doing too.  They saw a 200 hundred pound 6th grader walk in, so what do they do?  They bust out a portable burner, heat up some oil, pop open a tube of biscuit dough and fry up them buttery sons a bitches.  Just as my fat little fingers were to grab one the guy took them and rolled them in cinnamon sugar.  THIS is the Boy Scout’s!?  So let me see if I have this right, we have monthly meetings, with different activities and make food and hang out?  If I brought something from the house that I didn’t want anymore and told you it was a “surprise” it would be a dude’s version of my Mom’s Bunco club.It was a bit odd too that I was the only one at the meeting with two grown men that wanted to take me camping but come on.  I was a 200 pound fat kid getting fed fried biscuits, I would have followed these guys anywhere, I wasn’t thinking it was weird I was the only one there, this didn’t even dawn on me until now.  All I remember was fried biscuits in cinnamon sugar. Maybe they had ulterior motives but they should have known I wasn’t going to join.  I didn’t reach 200 hundred pounds in 6th grade by being active.

My second encounter with fried biscuits wasn’t nearly as creepy but still just as exciting.  When I was going to college in Louisville, my friend Reagan took me to a diner known for their fried biscuits.  The kicker though was when they brought them to the table they didn’t have cinnamon sugar.  Nope.  It was a basket piled high with fried biscuits and honey.  They drizzled honey on them!!  Damn honey is sexy!   They were absolutely amazing.  Honey!  Why didn’t the Boy Scout’s think of this?  Maybe they would have had me if they brought honey.

Here I took the fried biscuit idea and classed it up.  Bothering to class up fried biscuits seems like a total waste of time, I know.  Fried biscuits with honey stand alone.  What could you possibly need to do?  Typical me, I over think.  Everything.

 Basic Biscuits in 1-2-3
100g      butter
200g      low fat buttermilk
300g      flour
1/2tsp   baking powder
             pinch salt
-combine flour, baking powder, salt and butter together by hand until you no longer see butter chunks
-add your buttermilk and combine until dough forms
-roll out to a thickness that makes you happy
-cut out your biscuits,  I got 7 biscuits from my dough
-this of course depends on the thickness of your liking and size cutter
-fry them in vegetable oil at 350 degrees until golden brown
-set aside to cool a bit before tossing in cinnamon sugar
Cinnamon Sugar
I shouldn’t have to tell you how to make cinnamon sugar….Gosh!
OK, I did a half cup sugar to a tablespoon of cinnamon
Honey Ice Cream
163g           honey
113g           water
464g           heavy cream
-combine all ingredients and spin in ice creamer maker according to directions on your machine
Use a honey that you like.  I personally like the one in the bear jar, it makes me smile and has a mild flavor.   Acacia honey, I like that one too.
Or you could go the Boy Scout route….
Buy some Pillsbury biscuits
Pop open the can, stretch biscuits into doughnut shape
Fry in 350 degree oil until golden brown
Toss in cinnamon sugar
Buy a pint of honey ice cream (if they make it, I’ve never seen it)
No honey ice cream?  Maybe vanilla or pistachio
Garnish with fruit or nuts
This is a great dish and easily prepared if you go the Boy Scout Route.  You can pull this little trick out anytime you have friends or family over.  Now is a great time with Halloween right around the corner.  You could fry up the biscuits, have cider and carve pumpkins.  Also, great for movie night or just sitting on the couch pondering your next move in life.  Actually, if you’re sitting on the couch eating fried biscuits you’re not pondering making any moves in life, let’s be honest.
Hope it’s a positive day!

Love the close-ups. These photos make me hungry!


Fine just like this too with a little honey drizzled on top.


Tried a cool magazine shot with some mums.


Italian plums from the Green Market soaked in some Pinot Noir and honey.


The devouring shots are my favorite. This was so good!