Sharing is caring….working, crying and a Bible Story

IMG_5967I think I’ve mentioned that I try to post something once a week and occasionally it gets away from me for some reason or another.  Primarily because it’s harder than it seems.  This weeks excuse is due to the fact that my boss is on vacation and I’ve been covering his shifts and then coming home and drinking and crying more often than usual.  This is normal when he goes on vacation, please don’t be alarmed. 

To give you a little something to read I thought it would be cool to share a story from a children’s book that I wrote for my best friend Brandi’s little girl.  I think it’s important to keep it real.  I grew up before technology and you know what, I’m not even going to start.  I had a great childhood and thankful for the era I grew up in because today I couldn’t.  I wrote these stories to be fun and funny and if you take them serious, leave the planet or get over yourself.  There are other stories in the book, so if you like what you read let me know if you want to read the others and I will load them on Amazon and you can buy them.  HA!


The Story of Genesis

A long time ago, like easily over a hundred years.  The Virgin Mary was at home cleaning and making a new set of sandals for the summer to wear to the beach.  When her best friend ever, Slutty Sara stopped by.
“Mary, I have two tickets to the Genesis concert tonight!! We are going!!” said Sara.
“I don’t know” said Mary.  “I have lot’s of work and I’m not really familiar with Genesis.”
“They’re like the best new band Mary” Sara said with a sigh of judgement.
You see, 8tracks didn’t come along for another 50 years.  Since there was no way of recording music and distributing it, bands had to travel and play live gigs in order to get noticed by producers.

Finally with lot’s of convincing and begging Mary to get out of the house and actually meet people she gave in and decided to go to the concert.

Mary and Sara arrived for the concert decked out in their best sandals and robes with all their jewelry that Sara had stolen from the center market earlier that day.  Looking like the two finest ladies in town they strutted right up to the front row of the show and claimed their seats.  As the beat of the primitive drum began the crowd went absolutely crazy.  The curtain came up and the band was in full light.  Torches adorned the stage and drapery was strung all over the stage with eccentric colors.  The band members were full of life and all over the stage and giving the audience a show of a life time.  Sara was sure to have her robe over her head showing the lead singer her perky set.  They didn’t call her Slutty Sara for nothing.

After the show was over Mary was blown away.  She couldn’t believe what she had heard, she had to meet the band.  Mary and Sara had headed around back to meet the band.  When meeting the lead singer of the band Mary couldn’t hep but let them know what an amazingly talented bunch of artists they were.  She knew they were the ones.
Approaching the lead singer…
“Listen, I am pregnant with the son of God” Mary said to him.
“Excuse me?! And I’m the slut” said Sara.
“Not now!” barked Mary.
“Please, you must write a song to celebrate this monumental day.  This is a day that will be celebrated until the day the earth stops turning” Mary cried.
“Or you know people get offended and we have to stop celebrating all together” Sara scoffed.
“Sara please!!” Mary shouted…”that will never happen.”
“Sir, I beg you, for all humanity.” Mary cried.
The lead singer, Phil commented “Well, we are in the middle of a tour and have no time to write a new song.  We do have an old song that we really like a lot.   I’ll just change some of the lyrics and I think it will work magically.”

Genesis performed the song “Away in a Manger” for Mary and she fell apart.  It was the most beautiful song she had ever heard that it reduced her to tears.  It was a song written specifically for the birth of baby Jesus and Mary knew in her heart that this was the one.

This song went on to put Genesis in the Bible.  First part may I add.  The song, “Away in a Manger” went on to be their biggest grossing and chart topping song in their catalog and is still sung at Christmas to this very day.  Genesis went on to pen such wonderful hits as “Invisible Touch”,  “Land of Confusion” , “Jesus He knows me”,  “No son of mine”  and many others.

Now you know the story of Genesis




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