Mascarpone Lime Tarts

IMG_5303How many times have you heard, “I’m a vegetarian but I eat eggs…. sometimes chicken, but very little.”

I hate these people.  I really do.  Either you’re a vegetarian or you’re not.  I’m tired of all these Bi-Vegetarians.  I’m not vegetarian by any means, I’m a “sometimes” kinda guy.  If someone hands me a piece of steak and says, “Dude, you have to try this.”  I probably will.   Hey Gus, do you eat meat?  Sometimes.  Do you drink pop?  Sometimes.  Do you drink Starbucks?  Sometimes.  I loathe Starbucks by the way, but sometimes yes, I am forced to drink their crap.  Have you been to an airport lately?   It’s like planes are landing at a giant Starbucks.  Before you know it terminals will be called The Grande Terminal or The Venti Terminal.  Enough already Starbucks.  Please.  Just because you run everyone else out of town and we have no other choice doesn’t make your coffee good.  Make good coffee and I’ll say something nice.   With that said, I’ll generally try anything…..that’s legal……or if I’m pressured.

I make this point because this tart does not contain any eggs.  If you don’t count the graham cracker shell and we all know the vessel doesn’t count.

This lime tart originated as Passion Fruit Mousse that I received from my dear friend Chef Ruth.  If you recall I worked for Chef Ruth for the month of March in 2012.  What a life experience and an amazing adventure that I will hold near and dear to me, until I lose my memory.  When I worked for Chef Ruth at Mapuyampay just outside Curico in Chile she whipped up her Passion Fruit Mousse recipe.  I was completely blown away.  The perfect balance of sweetness with the bitterness of Passion Fruit was on point.  The consistency was pure silk and glided across your tongue.  Imagine eating this while sitting out in the country side of beautiful Chile surrounded by the Andes mountains.   If you want a Chilean experience with amazing food and wine, check out Chef Ruth at  Tell her Gus sent you.  Even if you can’t make it to Chef Ruth’s, do yourself a favor and check out the beautiful country of Chile in general.  Great food, land, people and wine.  Chile has it all really!!

The thing that I love most about this recipe, just like most things that happen to be beautiful and wonderful.  Simplicity.  The recipe is three ingredients that come together to create perfection.  Life lesson #344:  Don’t over think stuff.
The mascarpone gives the tart a smooth buttery consistency.  Maybe it’s because there is no egg, but this tart is light and refreshing.  I’m just going to go ahead and say it, I prefer this over a key lime pie.  There.  Now what?

I made my own Graham Cracker shell because I like to add a little stress to my daily life.  Of course you can easily buy already made Graham Cracker shells and make your life a little easier.  The mascarpone lime recipe gave me 4 little tarts, so you will have to double if making a whole pie.  The Graham Cracker recipe however, will give you enough to make a complete pie.

Graham Cracker

140g       Graham Crackers
15g          sugar
50g          butter
-place all in food processor,  blend until it starts to clump and there are no butter pieces.  When you grab a handful and squeeze, it should stick together.

Press this mix into your tart shell rings and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 7 minutes.  Set aside and let cool.

Mascarpone Lime Tart Filling

155g       Condensed Milk
83g         Mascarpone
84g         Lime Juice
-combine all in a bowl and pour into your tart shells.   Refrigerate at least 5 hours, best overnight.

I personally don’t strain my lime juice because I like the bits of pulp.  That’s me though.

Bring them delicious little bastards out of the refrigerator and enjoy.  I can’t stress enough about enjoying the summer days.  A nice Mascarpone Lime Tart after dinner on the back porch or if you don’t have a back porch just stand in your front yard and watch the neighbors get jealous.  Don’t tell them where you got the cool recipe though.  If they were cool they would already know.  Losers.

Normally I don’t put up this many photos, but I love the turn out of these photos.  Let me know what you think.


Can you see the smoothness of the lime tart? Love it!!


Isn’t she beautiful?


Cool shot. Lime tarts on self made plates.

IMG_5317 IMG_5320 IMG_5323 IMG_5302 IMG_5304 IMG_5298 IMG_5297


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