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I’m a Professional damn it!

IMG_5051I know I act a fool more often than I should.  It’s a blessing and a curse really.  It’s a blessing because people don’t expect anything from me because they think I’m an idiot and it’s a curse because people think I’m an idiot.  Which I am an idiot when it comes to life but in the kitchen I kinda actually know what I’m doing.  Don’t ask me about what’s going on in the news, I don’t know “numbers”, things like “economics” and “peoples feelings” but I can talk pastry all day and I have.  After reading many self-help books and Googling “positive quotes” I’ve come to the conclusion, I’m a professional damn it!!

I recently started getting into this whole computer, social media thing that seems to be popular these days.  I’m sure it’s just a fad like cars and planes but what the hell, it’s something new.  That’s why I would like to invite you folks to join me on Instagram.  Now, I’m sure there is some way I could put an icon on here or a simple button for you to click instead of you going and trying to find Pastryologist but I’m not aware of how that works.  My friend Sunil will rebuild my site soon enough and he will work all that out.  In the mean time, find me Pastryologist on Instagram.  There are lot’s more goodies and photos and stuff that don’t make it here.  I encourage you to check it out or follow.  Things you’ll find:

-Touristy Tuesdays with G:  find out where we’re eating and what we’re trying
-Vacation spots or where I just got tired and felt I needed to sit down
-Recipe testing
-Demo’s that ended up on the cutting room floor
-My coworkers and myself acting unprofessional
-plated desserts
-cakes and pretty stuff

Go check it out and hopefully you’ll find some inspiring stuff or just smile.  Either way I’ll be happy.




Funny man Chuck helping me take photos of my work. Great guy!


New dishes and restaurants on Touristy Tuesdays with G.


Awesome dessert while I was out and about with G


Pound cake with vanilla center. A little trick I learned from my friend Summer.


Vacation photo while visiting family back in Ohio. Beautiful.


Devouring Swedish chocolates from the new Swedish candy shop in the village. Score!! I love the Swedes!!


Fudge filled cookies taken from the pound cake idea. It worked.


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