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Ohio, family, friends and the beautiful country

IMG_4819As promised, I’m back from my Ohio vacation!

Sadly though I am not placing a recipe with this story.  Hope I haven’t lost you.  I did though return with an Amish Cookbook, so make sure you check back.  It’s bound to be some good stuff!   Man them Amish know how to cook.

In case you’re wondering and even if you’re not, I’m going to tell you anyway, yes I had an absolute blast back in Ohio.   I love Ohio and am super proud to have grown up there.  I had a great childhood, awesome family, grew up with two brothers, lots of cousins, did some really stupid stuff and have great friends that I grew up with that keep in touch with my mom and dad more than I do.   Returning to Ohio reminds of how good I had it.  Ohio is such a simple life and good times.  Slow paced and chill.  The world is moving so fast and everyone’s in a hurry for reasons I can only guess.  Living in New York everyone has an excuse as to why they can’t hang out.  Back in Ohio everyone makes an excuse TO hang out.  “What’s that?  You got a new rug for the kitchen?  Yeah, I’ll grab a case of beer and come over and check it out.”  While I was home my good buddies came over to the house to drink beers and hang out even though they worked early the next morning.  In New York my friends won’t come out if they have to work the next day no matter what the time.  I don’t understand this myself, but it’s them and so be it.

The thing I do best when back in Ohio is eat.   My whole social being is surrounded by where I will be eating.  Of all the places I’ve been in life, the one thing I love about Toledo is that they have some great festivals.  Great food of all cultures and nationalities.  They also have the diners and greasy spoons that just melt my heart and may one day stop it.

On bright sunny days I take the steamy old wagon and head out into the country.  All the country roads that lead to who knows where and little towns that you meander through that you think to yourself, “What do these people do for fun? or Where do they grocery shop?”   The land is flat and nothing but fields.  Corn to your right and soybeans to your left, a random barn out in the middle of a field.

This is what I hope to return to some day.  This sounds crazy to some but the thought of retiring in a high rise sounds crazy to me.  Place me on my front porch in my rocking chair with a beer and my oxygen tank while I look out over a corn field.   To think I can’t wait to travel and see the world only to some day want to return to where it all began.  This chokes me up a bit.

“There are two gifts we should give our children:  One is roots and the other is wings.”

God bless you Ohio!  I love you and one day I hope to return forever…..unless some angry asshole decides to blow up my plane on my way home.  You never know really.


Now this is downtown! Ha!


My brothers train board….so cool

IMG_4767 IMG_4731 IMG_4782


Downtown Toledo

IMG_4767 IMG_4821 IMG_4729 IMG_4731 IMG_4782


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