IMG_4499 It’s times like these when I hate myself.  I was talking with a coworker that asked me “don’t you just hate these people?”  To which I thought, I jokingly say I hate someone but I don’t really hate anyone.  Hate is a strong word and I prefer not to use it.  I will use it, but I prefer not to.   I give people a chance and if they don’t fit me or my life.  Well then, be on your way or me on mine, when I’m done, I’m done.  There’s no reason to hate someone for that.  If there’s anyone I really hate, it’s me.  No one can get under my skin like I do.  Take the Thai-Chai-Chata for example.  I hate myself for thinking how many times I sat down to write about TCC (Thai-Chai-Chata) and threw away every rough draft.  The simple reason being is I thought I had to come up with some genius idea as to why and where the idea came from.  To be quite honest, I have no idea, though I beat myself up mentally trying to come up with something clever.

All I can tell you is that I love Thai Iced Tea and I love Horchata.  If you recall a post a while back, I did a Chai Horchata.  I don’t know if you bothered to read it or even so much as make it but it’s quite the drink.  It really is and now that summer is here it would make a perfect drink for the back porch or to the beach.  I came across a recipe for Thai Iced Tea and I thought, “Hmmm… black tea and spices?  Why not combine it with my Horchata recipe?”  There, that’s it, no amazing story or crazy vacation that I took and tried something and brought it back to the states.  Do you feel let down?  This is why I tried to write something fascinating.  Day and night, pacing my room, biting my nails trying to come up with some cool story you would all be like, “Damn, now I HAVE to make it!!”  Nope.  Nothing.  Just some random idea that popped into my brain.

I will tell you though, this drink combination – Success!!!

First, the Chai spices and vanilla bean.  Beautiful.  Then, the nuttiness you get from the brown rice and smoothness from the almonds.  Perfect.  The orange zest really helps it come together, I love that one ingredient that makes everything go pop!   I used panella sugar for this recipe and I try to for most recipes that call for brown sugar.  I won’t lie though, panella is a pain in the ass to use.  If any of you have a secret technique, please share.  I use a hydroplane to grate my panella.  You’re only using a small amount here, so it isn’t too much of a pain.  You generally will find panella in the Spanish section of your grocery store.   For this recipe, feel free to use a light brown sugar.

Keeping with the classic Chai Iced Tea, I did the sweetened condensed milk.  I combined equal parts condensed milk with heavy cream.  Keeping it in a container on the side and letting yourself or people decide how much to put in their drink, depending on their own liking for sweetness.  Here you could use milk, skim milk or even almond milk if you like instead of the heavy cream.  It makes no matter.

If you really want to make it a party or a real summer cocktail, instead of the condensed milk and cream mix, use RumChata.  When I did this I called it a “Thai-Chai-ChataChata”.   Wow!  This made the TCC go Sha-Zam in my mouth!  I went from hating myself to absolutely falling in love with myself.  I sat on the back porch with drink in hand and sweating like a farm animal and loving every minute of it.   Note to self, I need someone in my life.

So there you have it.  No exciting background and you learned a little more and depressing stuff about me.

Hey everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the site and getting some pointers, recipes, ideas or even laughs at mine and my families expense.  Do me a favor and follow me.  Please, feel free to let me know what you think.  Feed back really helps me grow and learn.

Thanks to you all for your kindness!  Your love and support is appreciated more than you know!


Now on to the reason you came, the Recipes:


1000g          water, cold
220g            brown rice
220g            almonds
4                   cinnamon sticks
1                   orange zested

-blend half the water with the rice and almonds
-I used the other half of the water to rinse out the the blender to get the remaining rice and almond mix
-then throw in your cinnamon and zest in your orange
-cover and set in fridge over night

Thai Tea

425g             water  #1
5                    star anise
2                    vanilla beans
6Tbsp           panella sugar
20                 Chai tea bags (I used Twinings)
855g            water  #2

-bring everything except the tea bags to a boil
-pour boiling mixture over tea bags and let steep 5 minutes
-pour water #2 (855g) into pitcher with tea bags
-place in fridge over night

The next day…..

Strain both mixtures and then combine the two together in a gallon pitcher.  This keeps in the fridge easily for a week.

Take your equal parts cream and condensed milk and combine.  Leave in a container and let your guests add as much as they like.  Don’t forget the RumChatat idea.  You could also do equal parts RumChata and condensed milk, depending on your love of sugar.  It’s your summer and your drink now.  Do as you please.


Cocktail Umbrella and Glass courtesy of the ever so awesome Gilberto


The Moo Mixer for chocolate milk but now it’s my cocktail mixer


Thai Tea and Horchata before coming together


Together as one!

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