Creme Fraiche Pots de Creme

IMG_4084When I originally set out on my culinary adventure to share recipes and make fun of people, my family and of course myself.  The one thing I didn’t take into consideration is that it would involve a lot of work.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not afraid to put in a 16 hour work day and crank out production, do some plating, come up with menus and whatever else some asshole at work wants to put on me to take the work load off of themselves.  It’s cool, I expect laziness at work and I get it everyday, trust me.  The problem is this:  Work is a responsibility and they pay me to be there and expect me to do stuff and in return I expect them to pay my rent and send me on vacations.   So, when I’m at work and told to do something, yeah, I got it.   Done.  No problem.  At home, cooking and doing photography and shopping for ingredients or whatever I have to do is difficult to motivate me because the phone rings and by phone I mean my brain and says “Hey, wanna go buy a coffee at the deli so we can see Mario and then go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy shit we already have?” and of course, I always do.  It’s hard to tell myself no, because I don’t like rejection and if I keep telling myself no and that I have stuff to do at home, then I might start to think I don’t like myself and I certainly don’t want Mario to think I don’t like him.  It just turns into one big mess.

I love myself and Mario and honestly delis in New York generally have fantastic coffee for generally a dollar  and some of these expensive joints have some really crappy coffee.  Figure that one out, because I can’t.   Joking aside, I love to bake, it’s my passion and love, but not only do I want to bake, I want to write, do comedy, play guitar, write songs, fly a helicopter, be a paramedic, travel the world, learn Spanish and work part time at Sephora.  Only part time though.  This is a big part of my problem with life, I want to do everything and I always start something and then I get distracted by something else that looks cool that I want to do.  When I was a kid I remember a commercial coming on the TV and I was so excited that I jumped off the couch.
“That’s it!! That’s what I want to do when I grow up!!” I shouted to my Mom.
“uh huh…OK” she said.
“Well thanks a lot for the support” I said kinda pissed off.
“You wanna be every God damn thing that’s come on the TV!!!” Mom said in a mean but I’m sure loving way.
The woman was absolutely right and sadly to this day she still is.   I guess that’s not really a bad thing.  If I didn’t have something new intriguing me all the time life would get old and boring.  Who want’s that?  I sure as hell don’t.

In case you’re wondering where I’m going with this is, I get side tracked easily.  My goal was to put up a new post a week and as you can see I must have come across something shiny or tasty.  I’m not good with self discipline, I can easily pull myself away from anything.  This is why I can’t burn candles at the house.  One phone call to go do something and I dart out the door leaving candles burning.  Could you imagine if I had a child?  It would be taken away from me before I left the hospital.  I hope you keep checking back and stick with me.  I may disappear but I’ll be back shortly, I never disappear for a long time, I promise.

So here I am sharing a pots de creme recipe I got while working for my friend Chef Ruth down in Chile at Mapuyampay.   If you’re ever traveling Chile it’s a must on your list.  It’s just outside Curico which is another really cool town.  All of Chile is actually really cool.

Creme Fraiche Pots de Creme is an exceedingly rich, creme brulee on steroids kinda of dish.  It sounds like it would be overly heavy but it’s not and is quite refreshing and beautiful for a summer day with in season berries.  Yeah you can use sour cream if you want, it won’t be as tart is all.

Creme Fraiche Pots de Creme

485g             creme fraiche
50g               sugar
7                   egg yolks
2                   vanilla beans (or 1tsp extract)

-combine all with a spatula until combined
-pour into approximately 6 ramekins (depending on size)
-bake at 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes

IMG_4085 IMG_4084 IMG_4081 IMG_4097 IMG_4079 IMG_4094


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