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White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

IMG_3333A friend and I had an idea to venture into starting a cookie company.  Then we decided it wasn’t really where the money was.  You see, we’re not really about doing what makes us happy, we want to be rich and travel.  So many people are about the happiness factor and I really don’t understand this thinking.  It boggles my mind.

I made this oatmeal cookie for what was to be one of the options that would arrive in your mailbox.  It’s pretty straight forward.  I can’t really elaborate on a cookie.  OK I will,  it’s more the chewy sugary kind of cookie than a fluffy cake like cookie.  It has that crunchy edge and a chewy morsel center.  I am not a huge fan of oatmeal cookies to begin with and I especially don’t like the thick cake type of oatmeal.  I like my oatmeal like any good American.  Loaded with sugar!  Think of this cookie almost like a florentine cookie.  Not much to really look at and are pretty delicate but sweet and delicious.  I also used white chocolate instead of raisins.  This is a personal preference, obviously, but that’s because I’m not a huge fan of raisins either.  You can of course do what you want, as long as you don’t harm anybody.  I love oatmeal and throw in a handful of raisins but hand me a oatmeal raisin cookie and I’ll smack your hand?  Weird.

Here it tis…..

Gus’ White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

230g               unsalted butter
160g               light brown sugar
100g               sugar
3                     eggs
225g               instant oats
75g                 all purpose flour
1/2tsp            baking powder
1/2tsp            baking soda
1/2tsp            salt
1tsp                vanilla
340g               white chocolate chips (12oz bag)

-cream butter and sugars until fluffy and light in color
-add vanilla and then eggs and turn mixer back on medium for a bit, until you don’t see anymore egg
-now throw in your dry ingredients…oats, flour, powder, soda, salt..mix just until it comes together
-now throw in your white chocolate
-give a little press on the cookie to give them an even thickness, if they are a ball shape when they go in the oven the edges will get over done and the center will be raw
-bake them bitches at 350 for about 10 to 12 minutes
-makes about 2 dozen
IMG_3322 IMG_3320

baking cookies while flipping through NYU catalog trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing with my life...HA!

baking cookies while flipping through NYU catalog trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life…HA!

IMG_3334 IMG_3336 IMG_3317


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