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Mocha Cappuccino Pudding Gluten Free Lady Fingers

IMG_3535I was approached by some ladies asking me if I would be interested in developing recipes for a vegan cafe.  Not really but I thought what the hell, it’s a challenge.  I made numerous items for them, shipped off a ton of samples, conference calls once a week that were a waste of time and I was even grilled by the NYPD Investigation Unit regarding these ladies.  That’s an interesting story for another time.  I had friends and even a lawyer tell me to stop sending samples, that they were perhaps breaking down my recipes to use them without having to go forward with me and pay me.  In other words stealing from me.  These ladies were far from who I wanted to work with and eventually I just got annoyed.   After I informed them that no more samples would be sent they dropped off the face of the earth.  I’ll be damned!  My friends and lawyer knew what they were talking about.

For a while I threw the recipes in a drawer and didn’t think anything of them.  Until my nephew was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  Which sounds horrible to a 12 year old kid but actually he should be fortunate it happened in this day and age.  Had I been diagnosed with Celiac when I was a kid, boy I would have been screwed.  Not only would my mom not have given a shit, neither would I, and my dad would have wanted to get rid of me.   I would have had to space out my pizza and pasta days to accommodate for the stomach pains.  I am not giving up pizza… I am not having it.  You hear me!!  Luckily for my nephew there is now tons of gluten free products out there and they are not half bad.

This is kind of a spin off from what I did for the ladies.  Not really what I did for them but the technique I used, not like it’s a secret.  I made a vanilla pudding using this technique to make banana cream pie that turned out awesome but I am unable to find the pudding mix I used.  Maybe they don’t make it anymore?  I’ll have to do more searching.  The pudding is not vegan here, it’s vegetarian.  I thought it was vegan, but when I got home and read the label, it actually has milk in it.  Vegetarians can have milk right? I didn’t add any excess sugar either and it still came out rather nice.  It’s not overly sweet but not so unsweetened you can’t tolerate it.  Pretty good actually, I killed three cups of it for breakfast.

Mocha Cappuccino Pudding

475g            Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino drink (1 bottle)
2g                Agar Powder

-combine the two in a sauce pan, slowly bring up to a boil, stirring constantly
-remove from heat and pour into a bowl, refrigerate overnight or until set really firm
-Once set crazy hard, throw it in the blender and whirl away.  It will blend up like pudding and be delicious.

You can get Agar Powder at a lot of Asian stores or health food stores now a days.  Sometimes you’ll find it in a crystal like form.  If that’s all you can find, don’t sweat, weigh out your 2 gram and just let it sit in the liquid for about 15 minutes before cooking to let the crystals absorb the liquid.

Now build your Mocha Cappuccino Pudding.  Place your gluten free lady fingers in a cup, sprinkle a little of your morning coffee on top.  Make sure the coffee is hot too, the lady fingers will absorb the coffee much better.  Use your own judgement as to how much coffee you want to use.  You like the lady fingers soft and mushy or to have a little more texture.  Your call.  Keep building layer by layer until you reach the top of the glass.  Dust with cocoa powder and tah-dah.  Done.  Easy right?!  It’s best after you build them to let them sit in the fridge for like another hour to set.  Gluten Free, low in sugar, healthy perhaps, and it’s damn good!!  Oh, and yes this is similar to Tiramisu but there is no mascarpone so I didn’t call it Tiramisu.  I am not in the mood to hear people cry, I hear enough of it at work.


Me trying to be all photography cool guy and setting the scene for the magazine


After it’s meeting with the blender


Out of the fridge and into the blender ready to meet it’s fate.

IMG_3516 IMG_3533 IMG_3504 IMG_3520


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