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Double Fudge Brownie Cookies

IMG_3416Double fudge you’ll-complain-thery’re-too-rich-yet-you-know-you’re-going-to-eat-six cookies.

Here is another cookie that was to be included in our cookie company.  Clark had the idea to call it “The Shit” cookie, so when people asked why we call it “The Shit” cookie, we would respond “Cos it’s the Shit!”  A lot of fudge like brownie whatever you want to say cookies have a tendency to be crazy sweet.  This cookie is more dense and brownie like.  Especially the next day.  The day they come out of the oven they are gooey, melt in your mouth amazing.

There is a pastry shop here in New York that has a flourless chocolate fudge cookie.  I popped into the store to try one.  Now, I live for sugar, but this cookie hurt me.  I met a lady that worked for this pastry shop at one point and she told me if I knew how much powdered sugar went into the cookie I would cry.  Apparently, she could tell I am a very sensitive person.

Anyhooter, this cookie has a great richness to it without having that crazy sweetness factor .  It has a fudgey and brownie like consistency that travels well in purses and pockets.  Maybe not in a pocket on a hot day.  Which in New York it doesn’t look like that’s coming anytime soon.  Sadly.

Double Fudge Walnut Cookies

160g              unsalted butter
100g              sugar
150g              light brown sugar
200g              flour
50g                cocoa powder
1                    egg
1Tbsp           vanilla
1tsp              salt
120g             chopped walnuts
465g             chocolate chips

-cream butter and sugars so it looks light and fluffy and delicious
-add your egg and vanilla, mix until combined
-add your flour, cocoa and salt, mix a little bit, just a little
-add your walnuts and chocolate chips and mix until you don’t see white from the flour and you got a nice dark mix
-use a ice cream scoop to scoop out and place on sheet pan, give a little press
-bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes and call it a day


IMG_3413 IMG_3449 IMG_3443 IMG_3434 IMG_3430


For The Shit Cookie, after you’ve scooped out the ball give a couple squeezes to form The Shit Cookie!! Yum!!