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Yellow Cake Mix Scones

IMG_2933I don’t know what my obsession is with cake mix, clearly I have a problem.  Maybe it’s the mid westerner in me coming out.  I love food out of a box, not gonna lie.  I am also tired of making scones, so this might be the last for a while, I’m moving on to biscuits. 

I work a part time job on the weekends covering a bakers days off.  All through the night I’m making scones.  It got old real quick.  Though, when you work an overnight shift by yourself, the craziness that goes through your mind and the stupid things you think up to keep yourself entertained.  There are times I’ve scared myself.   I’m just hoping they don’t look at the cameras too often or I will have some explaining to do.

Half joking around one night I made these scones using yellow cake mix for a birthday.  They turned out pretty damn good.  So I redid the recipe and shared it here with you.  My friends loved it and I as well, I mean, who doesn’t love yellow cake mix?

Yellow Cake Mix Scones

252g              Yellow Cake Mix
150g              all purpose flour
45g                Neutral Oil  (vegetable, grapeseed)
80g                white chocolate chips
2                    eggs
61g                heavy cream

-combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl until dough forms
(I do by hand but you could also make in a mixing bowl with a paddle)
-when you have your dough, on a floured surface, form into a round about the size of your hand (see photo)
-cut into 6 scones, you could probably get 8 if you would like smaller scones
-bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.  I’m not sure if it’s the cake mix that makes these take longer so just keep and eye on them when baking.  Your oven may be different.  The corners will start to get a little brown and the scones should give a little spring when pushed a bit almost like a cake.

For the glaze I did…

180g       Powdered sugar
37g         water

you can go less or more water depending on how thick you want the glaze.

It’s your world!  Do what makes you happy!!

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