Faggots taste as good as they look!!

IMG_3041This gives a whole new meaning to: Let’s throw some Faggots on the fire!!!! 

I was thumbing through the Larousse Gastronomique the other day and came across a definition for “Faggots”.  These sound absolutely fabulous!!  It turns out it’s a British and/or Welsh thing, they can’t make up their minds.  These actually sound very similar to Meatballs.  Again… really?  Faggots… MeatBALLS.  Where does it end with you people?  I searched some recipes for Faggots and seriously they are pretty much similar to Meatballs.  Balls….giggle.. Last one, I swear.

Faggots are cool and all but they are just not my thing.  First, I’m not a big meat eater and second, traditionally they are made with (according to the recipes I found) hearts and pork liver.  Yeah, not for me.  I’ll gladly try the traditional way, don’t get me wrong, I’ll try anything once.  I am not however going to try and make the original.  So I’ve revamped the recipe to suit myself so I guess you can’t really call them Faggots.  I’ll need to come up with a new name though.  Something that sounds just as offensive as Faggots yet sounds just as appetizing.

Faggots are made with caul fat wrapped around them, which is the thin membrane that surrounds the stomach of some animals, like pigs.  Which is often used as a sausage casing.  I used bacon because I think it looks cooler and I love me some bacon.

Here is my recipe, that is easy and so delicious my dad didn’t even throw them out of the house…

565g           ground pork
300g           ground beef
115g           bread crumbs
1                 small envelope zesty Italian salad dressing mix
1                 Spanish onion, small dice
1                 egg
pinch         salt and pepper
bacon as needed

-throw everything in a bowl and squish and mix together with your hands until all comes together
-form into balls… depending on how big you like your balls, I got 24 balls out of my mix
-I cut the bacon in half and wrapped my balls, you could go thirds of bacon or even a whole strip of bacon
-line your balls up in a casserole dish, 24 fit perfect
-throw your balls in the oven at 375 degrees for 50-60 minutes

Now these are some Faggots you wouldn’t be ashamed to bring to a family picnic!!

IMG_3038 IMG_0250 IMG_3044

I prefer my faggots spicy

I prefer my faggots spicy


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