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Roasted Banana Ice Cream

IMG_2952Still have the roasted bananas from the pecan pie recipe?  Good.. get them out of the fridge and pull the bananas out of the mix while it’s still cold.  It’s easier to pick out the bananas while the mix is still cold.  Place the bananas on a paper towel to soak up all the excess liquid. 

One thing I love about feeding people is their reactions and interpretations.  I like when people see something or taste something I don’t.  It makes my brain go all crazy-er and gives me ideas.  That happened with this ice cream.  I got a lot of different responses to this ice cream, yet my favorite was that it reminded them of Banana Fosters.  Love this, it gives me ideas!!

If you’re like me, you like things simple, clean, fun and you’re attractive.   I served the roasted banana ice cream as sundaes in mini graham cracker shells.  They look cool, simple and fun to let everyone make their own little sundae and the clean up couldn’t be easier.   I can’t believe Martha didn’t think of this.  Maybe she did but I don’t watch her show, I do read her magazine in line at the grocery store and have never seen her do it.  I’ll take my own show now or magazine.  I’m easy to please.

Roasted Banana Ice Cream

9               Egg Yolks
200g         sugar
300g         reserved sugar from bananas
1L             whole milk

-whip together the egg yolks and first sugar, set aside
-bring the milk and reserved sugar just to a boil
-temper the milk mixture into the yolk mixture
-return the complete mixture to a the stove over a medium heat
-cook until the mixture to 180 F while stirring constantly
-take the mix off the heat and strain… Yes, you HAVE to strain it!!!
-Now throw the bananas in a blender and pour half the mix in with the bananas and give it a good whirl
-refrigerate overnight and spin the next day

It looks like a lot of steps and work but it’s really not.  Don’t be intimidated.


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