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3 Musketeers Ice Cream

IMG_2644Growing up I loved candy bars.  I didn’t reach 325 pounds by eating carrots, that’s for sure.  I used to love when Ma and Nana would send me to the store with a note so I could pick up their cigarettes and Pepsi, because I knew I got to pick out a candy bar as my reward.  Smoke up ladies!!!  Gussy wants his candy bar for being a nice little boy!!  Man, I come from good people.

I’ll be honest though, 3 Musketeer’s wasn’t my candy bar of choice.  They are a little too boring for me.  I need something with substance.  Give me caramel and nuts, textures you know.  Something to sink my teeth into.  So why the 3 Musketeer Ice cream?  Well, I like the nougat flavor of the candy bar and then you can just go from there.  You can do so much with just the basic of the 3 Musketeer flavor.  Nougat seems to be the foundation of a lot of candy.

This ice cream has a real subtle caramely nougaty flavor that I like.  Then you build from there.  Brings out the inner fat kid in all of us.

3 Musketeer Ice Cream

467g        Whole Milk
442g        Heavy Cream
24g          Honey
216g       3 Musketeer Bars (4 bars)

-combine all ingredients in a pot and cook to melt the candy bars and have a smooth consistency, stirring frequently, it should just come to a simmer not to a boil
-strain cool overnight and spin the next day
-spin according to manufacturers instructions on your ice cream maker (I have to say that)


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