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Coffee Butter Cream and Hazelnut Sponge Recipes

IMG_2090Here are the recipes I promised.  I do apologize they weren’t up at the end of last week like I had originally promised.  Forgive me.


5Tbsp  Instant Coffee Grounds
2Tbsp  Brandy or Cognac

-combine the two and mix to make a paste. I don’t specify in the recipe how much to use. I’ll let you decide to your liking.


7                     Eggs
1#                   sugar
1 1/2#           butter, cold and cut into cubes

-place eggs and sugar over a double boiler, whisk until double in volume.  They should be cooked to approx 145 to 150 degrees.  Yes it takes a while and your arm will hurt.
-once doubled and correct temp place on mixer and whip until  cool.  Approx 15 to 20 minutes.
**the mix should be cool before adding the butter otherwise the butter cream will slide off the cake***
( I know, I’ve done it)
-once cool, start adding your cold cubed butter

This is a typical French style sponge and me likey!!!


320g        whites
200g        ground hazelnuts
400g        sugar
120g        flour
200g        melted butter
40g          honey
1tsp        cinnamon

2 – 6″  rounds, greased

-place half the sugar and hazelnuts in food processor and pulse until hazelnuts are ground fine
***you can toast the hazelnuts first for a deeper flavor, again, personal preference***
-melt butter with honey, set aside
-combine ground hazelnuts, cinnamon and flour
-with other half of sugar and the whites, combine in mixer and whip to stiff peak
-add butter and honey mix to dry ingredients, it will be thick
-once whites are stiff slowly incorporate into hazelnut mix
-add equally between the two six inch rounds
-bake for about 15 to 20 minutes, a knife should come out clean


200g           good quality dark chocolate , chopped fine
200g           heavy cream

-bring cream to a boil, pour over chocolate
-let sit for about 2 minutes then stir with a spatula

If glazing a cake with a ganache:
1. make sure the cake is directly from the fridge and there is no sweat on the cake.
2. make sure the ganache is not HOT… you want it just warm enough that it pours.

I hope I explained this well enough for everyone.  I do this on a daily basis and I think nothing of it so I don’t explain sometimes as well as I should.  I apologize for that.  If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask, I want you all to be successful.

Take care,
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