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OSU Cake

IMG_1986I recently returned back to Ohio for my brother Josh’s 40th Birthday Party.  It’s hard to believe my brothers 40!   Damn we’re getting old.  Seems like yesterday we were riding bikes and playing football.   Actually, that was my brothers.  I was in the house baking cookies and eating pizza.  I used to be a fat fat fatty and I could kill a large pepperoni pizza for a snack.  Man, those were the days.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

When I arrived home my Ma and my Favorite Cousin Jen had already begun building the cake.  It consisted of 10 half sheet cakes.  The building was all my Ma and Jen, with a butt load of frosting and rice crispy treats.   Jen’s kitchen and dining room looked liked an artist’s loft with pictures of Ohio State’s stadium hanging all over the cupboards.  When I first saw the cake, I thought I was going to cry.  Not even going to lie, the cake was a beast.  The positive and beauty to doing anything that’s family related?  There would be lots of laughter, tons of fun, totally uncalled for amount of curse words and memories to reflect on for a lifetime.  This was exactly that.  Jen (FCJ) has a coffee maker that should be in a museum and I was in love with it.  With the coffee burning, Jen rolling fondant, Ma and myself draping fondant and painting it quickly came together.

This was the first time anyone of us had attempted anything of this magnitude. Numerous buckets of fondant, an insane amount of butter cream, a lot of trial and error and “eh, fuck it” moments and you know what?  We did pretty all right!

All the credit really goes to my Ma and Jen for their vision and drive.  The cake was no easy task and I’ve got to give it them for taking on the challenge and doing one hell of a job!!  The cake looked amazing and the crowd at the party was blown away.  I wish I had a pastry staff like my Ma and Jen.  Hard workers, dedicated, talented and most importantly… FUN!!

Thanks to Ma and Jen for all you do and continue to do.  Love you both!!

Notice my Ma has her arm around Favorite Cousin Jen and not me.  I don't blame her, I'm only upset because I wanted to sit next to Jen!

Notice my Ma has her arm around Favorite Cousin Jen and not me. I don’t blame her, I’m only upset because I wanted to sit next to Jen!

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