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Mom’s Birthday Cake

IMG_2088Monday was my Ma’s Birthday.  You know what that means?  I had to make my yearly call.  HA!  I could just tell her I have to work a double, she won’t know.  Plus it’s the Holiday season so she knows work is busy, she’ll understand.  Or I could really piss her off and call during “The Price is Right.”  Nah, it’s her Birthday, I’ll be kind and wait.

When I was a kid my Ma made my brothers and I any kind of cake we wanted for our Birthday’s.  My Ma is an artist and a genius and could easily pull this off.  I remember a Jabba the Hut cake she made for my brother.  It turned out awesome of course.  I got a Smurf cake with a decorated hill.  Just a random decorated hill next to cool house and I didn’t really understand it but it was amazing to me and I loved it because my Ma made it and loved the Smurf’s and I thought Ma was one amazing gal.

Ma didn’t ask me for a particular cake.  Why would she?  She lives in Ohio and isn’t going to eat in anyway.  However, I made her one and when I make a Birthday cake for a friend or family I like to make it to how I see them, reminds me of them or their personality.  Something like that.  Last year I made Ma’s Birthday cake fun and reminded me of her twisted humor that thankfully I got.  This year I wanted it to reflect the beautiful woman who has class, integrity and always looks great.  This part I unfortunately did not get.

This is totally classic, simple, lovely and everyone loves it.  Like my Ma when she’s not in one her moods.  A hazelnut sponge cake with coffee butter cream.  Now, I don’t happen to have the recipes on me at the moment.  They are at work, but I wanted to post this as soon as possible considering her Birthday was Monday and here it is Wednesday.  I get my on timeness from my Dad, so she understands.

I will post the recipe’s by the end of the week for the seven of you that are following me.

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