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My Favorite Banana Bread Recipe

IMG_2037Growing up there was always banana’s on the counter in the kitchen.  My dad insisted we have them and he was going to eat them but never did.  This worked out well for me in hopes that my Ma was going to make banana bread. Probably my dad knew this as well and pulled this intentionally.  I remember leaving for school and seeing the rotten bananas and hoping Ma was gonna make banana bread that day.  I would sit at school and just run the thought of banana bread through my brain getting all antsy to go home to banana bread.  The best is walking in the back door and getting hit in the face with a big rush of fresh baked banana bread.  It still gets me going to this day.

I would run into the kitchen and find the loaf pans in the sink, coffee cups on the kitchen table, butter with bread crumbs in it and the amazing smell of banana bread lingering in the kitchen.  My Ma and her best friend Sherry would sit me down, tell how wonderful the banana bread was and that I would absolutely love it and that some day they would actually save me a slice.  What?!?!  You mean it tastes as good as it smells??  Oh man, one day Ma was going to save me a slice of banana bread!  Just when I thought I couldn’t love this woman more than I already did.

I wish I could say this banana bread recipe is my Ma’s, but it’s not.  I actually got this recipe when I worked in Nashville with a Pastry Chef Lisa.  Lisa was an awesome Pastry Chef and she quickly became my friend.  She was fun, a very hard worker and walked faster than anyone I have ever met in my life.  She got my humor too, which for most people either love or hate me for.  Her banana bread recipe I think is amazing because it is super moist, full of flavor and not overly sweet.  What impressed me the most is it would sit out on the brunch buffet and still be moist.

This recipe makes 4 good loaf pans.  Making this many isn’t a problem, it freezes well and that way you’ll always have some on hand for company or lonely Saturday nights.

Have oven heated and ready to go at 350 degrees.

3c                sugar
1c                butter
1Tbsp         vanilla
6                  Eggs
4 1/2c         Very ripe bananas
1c               Water
5c                flour
3tsp             baking soda
1 1/2tsp     salt
3/4tsp        baking powder

***it’s best to have all your ingredients at room temperature***

-cream butter, sugar and vanilla
-add eggs slowly one at a time
-add bananas and water
-combine dry ingredients and sift
-add dry ingredients to mix
-mix just until combined

Pour into your 4 greased loaf pans.  Bake for approximately 35 to 40 minutes.

Banana bread is best right out of the oven while still warm with a good helping of butter.  Yeah!!

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