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Easiest. Ice Cream. Ever!

IMG_2019_2Here we go again with the sweetened condensed milk.  Yup, I love it.  Now shut up and listen.  This stuff couldn’t be easier or more yummy.  It’s rich, creamy, smooth and you just wanna, YEAH!  What is ice cream?  Seriously, what is ice cream?  I took an ice cream class with this hard core Italian guy.  I don’t really remember the ice cream formula, all I remember was the instructor had thick black hair, Armani suits and one bad ass accent.  I wanted to be him, that’s all I thought about and didn’t take one note about ice cream.  Damn it!!  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll grow up? 

What I do remember was he had this ring that…. wait.. stop!  Ice Cream Gus… focus!  From reading and LOTS of trial and error is that ice cream really is a formula.  Here’s how I see it:  Water, Fat, Sugar.  Correct me if I’m wrong and I know you will.  Then you balance it out.

My condensed milk ice cream is pretty much built on this equation.

Here it tis—-

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 can water

Dump the condensed milk in a bowl
Fill the can up with water, add to the condensed milk
Stir to combine
Dump in your ice cream maker and let her go!

When I made this I figured, you have your milk (fat), sweetened condensed milk (sugar), and I added water (water).  It works perfect.  I didn’t add any vanilla or flavorings because I like the straight rich milk flavor.  It will pair well with any topping or sauce you would want to put on it or even just with a slice of pie.

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