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That’s why you’re too fat to play T ball

IMG_1539Whenever I hear people talking about what they ate as a child I’m always stumped.  What didn’t I eat?!?!  I shoved food in my mouth by the handfuls.  Literally.  I was super shy as a kid but not about food.  Even if it was something I didn’t like I would eat it again just to remind myself why I hated it.  Celery?   I hate celery but I’ve never had it here before.  Let me give it a whirl.  Yup, still don’t like it.  I’ll try it again next week in Aunt Dee’s potato salad.

I made this pie in homage to my childhood.  I tried to cram in as much of the stuff that I loved growing up as possible.  We have a caramel pie, Whatchamacallit candy bar, brownie chunks, vanilla pudding whipped cream with munchkin chunks.  Man, had this pie existed when I was a kid it would have saved me many trips to the fridge.  I call this pie “That’s why you’re too fat to play T ball” because that’s what my dad would have called it if he’d saw me eating it.

Caramel Pie Filling

5                 egg yolks
1/2c           heavy cream
1can          dulce de leche

Combine everything and pour into your graham cracker pie shell.
Bake at 300 for about 15 – 20 minutes.  It should just be set in the center like a custard.  If it starts to bubble on the edges, you’ve gone too far.  Stop!

It’s hard to say the candy bar portions or brownie or munchkins.  Personally, just get greedy.  It’s like the kitchen sink pie.  Got cookies laying around the house?  Hell, throw them in too.  Why not?  It’s really all about the custard base.  The toppings are all about you and the crazy childhood you wanna revisit.  Mine was awesome!!

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