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Vodka Gelee with Melon Puree

IMG_0013Well, summer is in full swing and you know what that means.  The people that complained about the cold are now complaining about the heat.  Sigh….. I love people.  Here is a nice cool refreshing chiller sit on the back porch and enjoy life summer treat that will get those to stop complaining about the heat and find something else to complain about.  And you know they will.

I had the idea to do this for a while now and I started bringing it all together but ran out of time, as usual.  All the flavor components I was going for are all there but it could use a little something in the color or garnish department.  I noticed this a little late and had no time.  I finally assembled this at three in the morning as I was packing for a 1pm flight.  Yes, I am that guy.

The flavor of the vodka is toned down with a little simple syrup and I used Belvedere vodka, which I happen to be quite fond of.  I like how the vodka is set just enough for the melon to be suspended yet it’s not like jello.  When something is over done with gelatin.  A big pet peeve of mine.  You get a ting of vodka and then a cool melon finish.  The melon is pureed with a squeeze of lime and a little simple syrup, depending on the sweetness of the melon itself.

This went out to rave reviews at three in the morning between myself and my friend who lived downstairs at the time.  The shot glass size is perfect for a little starter to an afternoon on the patio with some friends and summer sun.   It’s not heavy nor overly sweet.  Plus, I love the color and way it looks in the glass.  This turned out exactly how I envisioned, which rarely happens, so I am super happy.  I celebrated by finishing the bottle of Belvedere.  Not smart when you have a fifteen hour flight in less than 10 hours.  I hate myself sometimes, I really do.

You know who I really like?  Martha Stewart.  You can say what you want about her and I don’t really care.  I like a woman who runs a tight ship and I believe that’s what she does.  Though, you know she has a fun side.  Seriously, I want to invite her over and get a couple of these vodka gelee and melon shots in her and you know she would be the life of the party.  We would sit on my back porch, eat, get drinky, make stuff out of random objects found in my house and talk a bunch of shit.  The next morning I would wake Martha up from my garden and clean the mulch that was all pressed to her face and we’d have coffee and laugh about the crap we made the night before.  Oh man, see, I told you she was fun.  Oh Martha!  What a character.

OK, what I did….

Simple Syrup….Simple for a reason

250g          water         250g         sugar
Equal parts sugar and water.  Combine the two in a pot, bring to a simmer and make sure all the sugar is dissolved.  Take it off the heat.

Vodka Gelee

200g       simple syrup
180g       vodka
2              gelatin sheets

-Bloom the 2 gelatin sheets in cold water till soft, remove and squeeze out excess water
-While the simple syrup is still hot add your bloomed gelatin
-Then add your vodka

I used just one melon and got quite a bit of glasses out of it.  So, find the smallest melon baller you can find and scoop out some melon for the glasses.  Drop a couple melon balls in the glass and add your vodka gelee.  Leave room for the puree!  Gosh!

Take whats left of your melon, remove the skin.  Put the melon in a blender, squeeze half a lime and blend away.  Taste, see how much simple syrup you should add, if any at all.  If the melon is sweet and delicious you may not need any at all.

Once all the gelee is set, slowly pour on your melon puree.  Maybe garnish with a mint leaf.  That would be nice.  I think Martha would like that.

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