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Pride Scones

photo 4-1Not too long ago I picked up a part time job on the weekends just for kix.  I found a place on the upper east side that just needed someone on the weekends to crank out scones.  Easy enough and they are mad cool and let me do whatever I want.  Obviously. 

This past weekend here in New York was Pride so of course I busted out the colors.  HA!! I made these Pride Scones just purely out of screwing around, like where most genius ideas come from.  Wouldn’t you know they were a huge hit.  The colors are really cool and vibrant.  I love that.  My friends thought they were awesome and hilarious and when I didn’t get threatening text messages the next day from the manager.  I took that to mean they loved them too.

I won’t be sharing the recipe out of respect for where I work but I don’t believe a scone recipe and food coloring shouldn’t be too hard for you to get your hands on.  Though the recipe where I work is amazing.  You should stop in.  Of course on the days I make the scones.

Also, if the guy that lives above the restaurant is reading this.  Why did you wait two months to complain about how loud the radio was??  You got no one to be mad at but yourself, so your rudeness was uncalled for.

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