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Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Ice Cream, Roasted Pineapple, Toasted Walnuts

IMG_2045I like carrot cake, not love, but like.   I wouldn’t order a carrot cake at a restaurant simply because I have had way too many dry, boring carrot cakes.  Seriously, I have been to a lot of bakeries and a lot of them have the driest carrot cake.  I don’t get it. 

So, why did I bother to do a carrot cake here?  Well, I’ll be honest with you… spite.  Yup, that’s right.  I’m that guy.  I had an Executive Chef that rolled his eyes and talked in disgust at why would any respectful restaurant put carrot cake on the menu.  Did he not realize that our carrot cake sold like crazy?  So, if it sells and fills seats and we have jobs and can pay the rent.   Why not give them what they want?  OK, so I wouldn’t put a huge wedge of cake on a plate and send it out diner style.  It can be done professionally and executed well.  What’s the problem??

When I worked in Florida the Pastry Chef used to put roasted pineapple with the carrot cake.  I think it’s a lovely combination and the roasted pineapple I use quite a bit now a days with a number of desserts.  I don’t really have a recipe for the roasted pineapple it’s really kinda by eye.  Next time I roast some pineapple I will get some measurements down and let you know.

I did the cream cheese ice cream in a tube.  I think it adds a really cool look and it’s different than just using the same old scoop or cannelle.  Plus it’s not the usual cream cheese icing and carrot cake routine.  For a bit of texture and the crunch factor I added toasted walnuts.  The gold leaf?  Well, yeah I went with the whole 24K gold thing.   Sue me…. or just make fun of me.  It’s cool.  It’s old school but I love me some gold leaf.  Old school or tacky?  You decide.

The reason there are two different plated version is that my friend Tashima likes one and I like the other.  So we compromised as good friends do.  Plus we didn’t have to share one dessert, we each got our own.  HA!  Though it may not be anything to write home about, it is a classic done differently and well may I add.  All the flavors and characteristics of what a carrot cake has always been is there yet with a cool look.  I loved it and I’m happy.  Oh, and it wasn’t dry!

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