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Brandi’s Derby Hat

_IGP4393 I am back in Ohio not even a month when my best friend Brandi give’s me work to do.  I wasn’t really concerned because if Brandi is up to something it is going to be pure tomfoolery and lot’s of laughter, plus if the job get’s done…  well, that’s a celebration in itself because usually when we are together, not a damn thing gets accomplished.

We sat down in our conference room, and by conference room I mean Outback.  Brandi needed a hat for work for The Kentucky Derby.   It had to include the Derby of course but more importantly, it had to include Brandi’s personality.  So after numerous beers and plates of cheese fries and chicken wings we decided to go to Mr. Freeze.  That’s when the cupcake idea hit us.  A hat with cupcakes all over it!!   We thought we could tape the cupcakes to the hat and Brandi could pass them out at work.   We had been kicking around the idea of having our own bakery for years anyway.  This would be a good way of getting our cupcakes out to the people. Genius!  With Eric at the wheel we headed to pick up all the crap we would need to put the hat together.  Actually, the hat came together the most at the store between Brandi, Eric and myself just throwing out ideas.

The next morning when I woke up and saw all the bags from the store lying on the kitchen table, I threw my hands up and thought “what did I let that bitch talk me into?”  Once I got working on the hat it actually became fun, believe it or not.  Looking at the hat now it looks more complicated than it really was.  Really, the hardest part was measuring and figuring out how to get the hat to fit Brandi’s monster dome.  My favorite part is the horse that took a crap and the guy that appears to be scooping it up.  Get’s me every time.

The cupcakes, since it is for the Derby are Chocolate Walnut Cupcakes.  But their not Derby Cupcakes!!  A chocolate cupcake with a bourbon walnut caramel filling with chocolate ganache piped around.  The cupcakes were purely divine and were a huge hit!

Oh, and Brandi’s hat won the Derby Hat competition.  We are going to celebrate with a vacation down to Mexico and start the first of September on next year’s design.

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