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Corn Flan, Corn Fritters, Candied Prosciutto

IMG_2132Have you ever had corn ice cream?  Well, it’s delicious.  It really is good with a subtle flavor that gels quite well with things you wouldn’t suspect.  I thought one day a corn flan would be really similar.  It is and it isn’t.  The corn flan is good don’t get me wrong but it’s no ice cream. 

I had this vision of the flan and the fritters, with the creamy and fried goodness thought and I threw in the prosciutto because of all the sweet and savory idea going on would be cool.  Yeah, I followed and I’m not happy about it.  It came together just as I had envisioned.  The plating was nice, the textures of everything played off each other perfectly.  The only downfall, no way was this considered a dessert.  Nope.

What I did….

I steeped the corn in the milk for the flan mix and then hit it with the hand blender.  I hit it with the hand blender just enough to chop up the corn, not completely puree it.   I strained the corn out of the flan mix before I baked it.  Taking the strained corn and adding it to the fritter batter.  For the prosciutto I dipped it a simple syrup mixture and laid it on silpats and put them in a 300 degree oven for about 10 to 15 minutes.   The prosciutto was actually my favorite part.  I could have just snacked on these.

When all was said and done this was really good.  Though Like I said, not a dessert, there was no sweet factor to it that triggered the dessert switch in my brain wanting more and signaling the end of dinner.  Instead I was ready for more, like dinner more.    I think if this would have come out as a first course it would be pretty awesome.

So with that thought I am selling the idea to my friend Mimi who wants to open a restaurant.  Which I hope she does soon, because I’m really looking for a new job.

Corn Fritters

4                eggs
326g          corn   (from flan mix)
78g           sugar
158g         All Purpose flour
10g           baking powder
pinch of salt

-combine all ingredients and whisk until smooth
-drop by a tablespoon full into a 350 degree fryer until golden

IMG_2123 IMG_2117 IMG_2126 IMG_2135