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El Flaneche

IMG_2093Myself and my inner fatty were trying to think of how we could combine our two favorite desserts.  Enter El Flaneche.  El Flaneche is Spanish for:  The Flaneche.  El Flaneche is a combination of Flan and Tres Leche’s Cake.  I am huge fan of Tres Leche’s and my inner fatty can’t get enough of Flan.  I too like Flan but it just can be difficult to serve and cut or portion out at a party.  Tres Leche’s is more my route. 

I was once in Mexico on my search for Tres Leche’s.  I was in a super market and in the deli case was Tres Leche’s.  It looked really bad but I thought maybe it was one of those “looks bad but tastes delicious” kinda things.  When I was approached by a lady who told me not to get it.  She was a local woman so of course I trusted her.  She sent me into some desolate part of town down some back alley.  I thought this is shady and is either going to pay off real well or I’m a goner, totally worth the risk.   I came across this little bakery the woman spoke of that had a small refrigerated case with maybe four items in it and Tres Leche’s wasn’t one of them.  I informed the woman behind the counter that I was sent here from a local that told me that this place had the best Tres Leche’s.  Without a word she walked in the back and brought out the most perfect slice of Tres Leche’s I had ever witnessed.  I was in Aww!!  It was a big tall slice that held it’s shape with no excess milk leaking all over the plate.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I grabbed my fork, gave the woman a smile, wiped the tear from my eye and dove in.  It tasted as beautiful as it looked.  The cake wasn’t soggy or mush.  It was like cake flavored whipped cream.  By now I had full on tears rolling down my face.  This made the woman want to be my best friend and for the next 30 minutes we swapped life stories.  My love for Tres Leche’s and Mexico….fulfilled.

OK, moving on… This cake is actually super easy to make.  You can use a box cake or make your own, whatever is easiest for you.  I used the traditional French Genoise.  The drier the cake the more Flan mixture it will absorb.  Prepare the bottom of your cake pan like you would a Flan with the cooked sugar and throw in your cake.  Then pour over your Flan mixture little by little letting the cake soak up the Flan mixture.  Go slow, you may need more Flan mix or less.  Bake in a water bath at 300 degrees until done.  My Flaneche took well over an hour because it was a beast.  It all depends on the size of the Flaneche you make how long it will cook.  The cake will set just like a Flan.  It will have a slight jiggle in the center but not runny.

I got a Flan recipe from my adorable little Mexican friend Miguel.  The texture and flavor is spot on.  I love it as much as I love Miguel.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3…


1 can      sweetened condensed milk
2 can’s   evaporated milk
3             eggs

Huh.. huh??  Easy right??  You can throw in a Tablespoon of dark rum or vanilla.  Totally up to you.

I love love this cake and I think it looks so cool.  I love how it keeps it’s shape and the texture and the richness.  I can’t get enough of it.  My Bolivian friend even said she loved it and she hates me!!

Me and inner fatty couldn’t be happier.

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