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Lime Tarts with Banana Meringue, Honey Meringue and “Mango Not Gay Meringue”

IMG_2208Can I still call them key lime pies if I didn’t use key limes??

I have a love hate relationship with key lime pie.  I want to love it for its sweet and creamy beautiful texture but I want to hate it because there is nothing too it.  I especially hate when people put the green food coloring in.  Stop it!!  That all changed when I started working in Florida and the pastry chef I worked for used honey meringue on the key lime.  It blew my mind and I was starting to like key lime pie again.  I would cram a key lime pie in my face every night after service or sometimes during service I would sit behind my  low boy and have a good cry with a couple key lime pies.  It all depended on how the night was going.   I really liked the combination of the honey and key lime. With this, I was willing to give key lime another chance.

When I first moved to New York I was eating at a restaurant that had Lychee Meringue on the menu.  Well, I’m not a big fan of Lychee either but I’m always willing to give anything a try.  It was delicious.  Very clean and fresh tasting.  It reminded me of the honey meringue from Florida and I thought with a nice flavored meringue maybe key lime could go on a dessert menu, it could actually be interesting and people might even order it.  If nothing else we’ll throw it in a pastry shop somewhere my friends work and call it a day.

Recently I’ve been a big fan of the banana and citrus combo.  Not sure where this fascinations came from, but me likey.  Great together and here it is my favorite tart of them all.  Reminds me of the Lychee meringue, clean and fresh, not crazy sweet.  This would be a great summer dessert and would be cool to do on a larger scale for a picnic or cookout.  I’ll get on that.  The honey meringue is the one I stole from my chef in Florida.  Always loving this combination it took a backseat after tasting the banana meringue and lime combo.  Sorry Shel.

This banana meringue and lime has so much potential unlike myself.

If you get the ‘mango not gay meringue’ reference and giggled, you’re pretty cool let’s go grab some beers sometime.  This is true.  The mango meringue and lime where pretty awesome, not gonna lie and the color.  A light pinkish orange color, super cool.  Unfortunately this just didn’t *pop* for me.  It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t give me that feeling that I had to finish it.  That, “it was good, I tasted it…you can have the rest.”  The banana and lime I would fight for.IMG_2193 IMG_2189

See the pinkish orange color in the mango not gay  meringue

See the pinkish orange color in the mango not gay meringue

IMG_2181 IMG_2160