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Kissing Cousin’s

IMG_2142“Kissing Crust”:  In baking, the kissing crust is the pale slightly underdone, portion of a loaf that was in contact with the loaf next to it during baking.
-As defined by Larousse Gastronomique

I was flipping through the Larousse Gastronomique book recently and came across the term “Kissing Crust”.  It made me laugh because I immediately thought of my best friend all through high school.  This girl was hilarious, quick witted and a complete smart ass.  My top three things I look for in a confidant.   I once read a quote, “you can’t stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.”  This is very true.  Not sure why I’m mentioning it here, but true none the less.  When we were in high school people either loved or hated us.  I’m pretty sure mostly hated and I’m more than OK with that.  I don’t know where she got it but she used the term “kissing cousins” for kids from the sticks.  Actually I’m quite familiar with “kissing cousin’s”, don’t ask.  Anyway, the term gave me a good laugh and a trip down memory lane so I wanted to make a little something to pay tribute to my simple memory.

The first thing that came to mind was conjoined cookies.  I don’t know why but it really pisses me off when I bake a tray of cookies and they spread and join.  It’s always the simple, easiest things that piss me off.  Strange?  Like, I hate spinning ice cream.  You pour it in the machine, walk away and come back in a bit and you got ice cream.  Simple and yet annoying.

Chocolate chip cookie and double fudge cookie joined together as “Kissing Cousin’s”.   Perhaps one day I will have a bakery and have “Kissing Cousins” and people will come from miles around for them… day.

IMG_2149 IMG_2138 IMG_2148


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