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Duncan Hines vanilla frosting panna cotta with Duncan Hines yellow sponge cupcakes

IMG_1994Remember when I made the Duncan Hines vanilla frosting ice cream cake?  Well, I had some left over frosting mix and was debating what to do with it.  I usually have leftovers because I can’t throw anything away, thanks mom and dad, but it also forces me to be creative, thanks mom and dad.  I have worked in so many kitchens that just simply throw product away.  Drives me nuts, that’s throwing away money and says you’re not good at managing things.  Plus, so many positive and successful things have come from making mistakes and making it work.  That’s why my parents have been married for over 40 years and raised three wonderful guys.  It’s beautiful!! 

With the leftover Duncan Hines vanilla frosting ice cream base I threw in some gelatin, just so it’s Oh-So set.  I can’t stand when something is so set with gelatin that it’s like rubber, a big pet peeve of mine.  I was going to make my own vanilla sponge but to keep with the Duncan Hines theme I used their yellow sponge mix.  For the frosting on the cupcakes I used dulce de leche because I love it and it added a real richness.  Looking back it would have been a good idea to use Duncan Hines chocolate frosting to keep the whole thing Duncan Hines.  Guess I’ll do that next time for my friend Daniel’s Birthday.  I was wondering how to garnish the panna cotta’s to make them pop.  I mean, it’s Duncan Hines frosting and cupcakes after all, so it had to be fun and you can’t take it too serious, so?  ****SpRiNkLeS****  Cupcakes should be fun and not so damn serious, I don’t care what Foodnetwork says or is Bravo??  Who cares?!

This is me not wanting to waste product and turning it into something pretty awesome.  The texture of the panna cotta was spot on and with the addition of the cupcake, whip cream and sprinkles…. wow!!  This would be really cool for a Birthday party.  It’s like Birthday cake in a cup.

My goal is to be the Richard Simmons of pastry.  I will just bust in to someones Birthday party in little shorts, a tank top and start screaming and shoving cake in peoples mouths.  I can’t believe I actually said that.  I was joking dad.

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