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Apple Tart, Walnut Cheddar Frangipane, Spiced Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream

IMG_1141 One day I want to have a cookbook called “Demolicious”.  It will be a collection of all the recipes I’ve dreamed up and attempted, that in my mind sounded out of this world but ended up on the cutting room floor.  This dessert will be in that book. 

I never heard of apple pie with cheddar cheese until I went to culinary school in Kentucky.  Yup, you heard correct, I went to culinary school in Kentucky.  Apparently, a slice of cheddar cheese on a piece of apple pie is quite “southern”.  Interesting?  Not really.  I wanted to tackle it anyway and even if it was a flop, as my pastry hero Laiskonis would say “it’s a springboard to a new idea.”

One great thing that came out of this tart was the apple cider caramel.  This is the springboard part.  Beyond what I was expecting, truly.  It’s spicy and cinnamony and buttery.  The caramel does not get to shine in this dessert, which is too bad because it turned out so well.   So I will have to pick up and move on, as I do in all my relationships.

For the filling in the tart I made a version of frangipane with cheddar and walnut.  Turned out alright, you definitely got a good cheddar flavor.

Overall, the cheese really didn’t add any dimension to the tart.  I think it would have been fine had it been kept as a simple apple tart with vanilla ice cream and spiced cider caramel.  I really don’t see the fascination with the whole cheddar and apple thing, but that’s just me.

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