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Munchkin Birthday Cake for Mom

My mom’s Birthday was October 27th… I think….. So I decided to make a cake in her honor.  I wanted it to be fun and wacky just like the old lady…. Munchkin cake?  Why not?
The beauty of the cake is I live in NY and she is in Ohio.  So since I was unable to send it to her, I got to eat the whole thing by myself since I am alone and have no one to share it with.  That sounded really sad, but like mom always said, “the truth hurts… but it sure is funny!”  My mom is the foundation to my personality.  When ever I’m in a situation that I find hilarious I think of my mom.  Funniest woman I know.  This is a blessing and a curse and then a blessing again.  It’s a blessing because I enjoy every situation and have been laughing my way through life and not taking myself seriously.  The curse, people don’t take me seriously either and are shocked when they discover I actually can pull some shit off.  It’s a blessing again because I’m not gonna change and I’m still laughing, just like ma!

I thought the Munchkin idea was pretty unique and cool.  I took three 8″ vanilla round sponges cakes and sandwiched them with maple butter cream and covered with Munchkin’s.  I used the leftover butter from when I poached the pear’s a while back with a little added brown sugar and cinnamon.  Simple enough and the results were absolutely fantastic.

My butter cream recipe is quick simple and you can alter it to your liking.  I have used Bailey’s in place of the cream or dark brown sugar for a deeper flavor.  I love this recipe because I can twist and turn it every time.  Hope you like it as well.  Let me know what you think.

424g   brown sugar
260g   cream
250g   butter

-heat cream and brown sugar just until it starts to bubble around the edges and sugar is dissolved
-whip on high until cool
-add butter

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