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Blueberry Crisp with Graham Cracker and Cream Cheese Sauce

I don’t believe I’ve ever met a crisp  I didn’t like.  I grew up in Ohio so a crisp is pretty much at every BBQ, funeral, game night or intervention.  Hell it’s Ohio, a crisp is a reason just to get together.  This is why I love crisp and I love Ohio. 

Simple things can bring great people together and create big fun.  Whenever I am invited over to a friends house for dinner, crisp is my dish to bring.  If you say crisp  is the lazy mans dish.  Well then, you know me well and we should probably be friends.  I’ll bring over a crisp.

Back in Ohio, anything served in a casserole dish with fruit and a topping was a cobbler.   I want so bad to refer to this dish as a cobbler, but I will contain myself…this time.

A crisp has all the elements… hot, cold, crunch, sweet and delicious.  Where ever I have worked, when a crisp goes on the menu it sells like crazy Aunt Dee.  Blueberries are my second favorite fruit, right after my good friend Hady.  It’s kind of hard to embellish on a crisp.  It’s a crisp.  All I can really say for this version is that I wanted it to resemble a cheesecake.  That’s where the cream cheese sauce come’s into play.  I didn’t really go overboard with the sauce.  I kept it simple,  just heavy cream and a little sugar, I wanted you to really get the cream cheese. The crisp topping is made of graham crackers and is quite delicious.  It also makes a perfect addition to a trail mix and I am a huge fan of trail mix.

I made this on  a lazy afternoon after it just popped in my head.   The warm blueberries with the graham crackers and the cold cream cheese sauce.  It came together rather quickly and the flavors were spot on it.  Rare for a first time  out.

**My friend Hady just recently joined the Air Force and I can’t think of a more honorable thing.  I couldn’t be prouder or love the dude anymore than I already do.  Wishing you all the best Hady!!!


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