Banana and Pink Prosecco Cocktail

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of cash and you don’t have any friends. So, New Years is usually spent solo on the couch with a cheap bottle of hooch. Well, this year I decided to splurge… just a little though. ( I’m saving some pennies so I can go to Cedar Point).

Now, I’m not much of a drinker, but if you want people to think you’re cool. You better have a drink in your hand. I wanted a New Years drink that was classy, as New Years should be, yet still had “Gus” written all over it. I went back in my bedroom and pulled out the Rubbermaid container under my bed where I keep all my ‘genius gone wrong’ notebooks. When I came across my ‘Bubbly Banana Shake’. Brilliant! I had originally made this shake for summer but still works great year around.

What you will need: Bottle of Riondo Pink Prosecco, vanilla ice cream, very ripe bananas, maple syrup, cinnamon sugar.

For this recipe I use Riondo Pink Prosecco, it’s around $12, but like I said earlier. I was going to splurge this year and I was serious. I really like this Prosecco, it’s light and fruity, not dry.

The rest of the ingredients, use a good quality vanilla ice cream, I make my own personally. The bananas I let get very dark as if you are going to make banana bread. When they get almost black, I really like that and that’s when they have the best flavor. Pure maple syrup, not that 80% sugar syrup and 20% maple. Hell, you spent $12 on booze why skimp now? For the cinnamon sugar, I go with 1 cup sugar to 1 tsp cinnamon.

First, rim your Champagne glasses with maple syrup and dip in the cinnamon sugar, set aside.

Now, just like a milk shake, in a blender combine your vanilla ice cream, one ripe banana and add your Riondo Pink Prosecco just to the top of your ice cream. Blend away! Pour into your rimmed Champagne glasses.

Enjoy… nice huh?

I love this drink! To celebrate or entertaining, to just sip on the patio or out on the boat during summer. A lot can be done with it. I had originally intended to make a Strawberry Champagne Shake. Yet, the texture the strawberries gave me weren’t quite what I was looking for. When I discovered I had bananas in the freezer that I use for banana bread I figured why not? One of those recipes that came out of pure screwing around. I love these recipes!! I have lots of them. Some not this successful. The Riondo Pink Prosecco has a great strawberry, fruity lightness that is just great by itself. The bananas added a sweetness and created a great smoothness, while maintaining a great color that I was hoping for in the strawberries, but didn’t happen. The cinnamon maple rim came along just simply out of playing and thinking the glass and shake needed color and a little ‘umph’.

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